Sally Ryen

Life during mesothelioma is a long, tortuous slog toward an inevitable outcome. For my husband Doug and me, following and supporting the efforts of Ron Shingler and his staff created a sense of doing something positive.

Yes, there were times neither of us wanted to join in their diligent effort. The end was too sad to contemplate, and we desired privacy and solitude. We were buoyed by the gentle, persistent tenacity of Ron and staff during these times. 

We finally met many of them at a lunch hosted by Ron in Walnut Creek. Afterward, Doug and I drove in silence to Point Reyes for a getaway. We were both struck by the genuine affection and compassion emanating from individuals who knew what our future held, and had signed up to accompany us to the end.

Ron was always available for anguished chats or emails. He never made us doubt the decision to hold others accountable for Doug’s raw deal. His reasoning was both practical and spiritual.

Every day, I am grateful for the financial security that envelopes me. I say “thank you” aloud all the time. While most of my gratitude is aimed toward Doug, family and friends, some of it is a shout-out to the caring, competent folks at Shingler Law. A small firm, they offered us a kinder, gentler approach through an emotional and legal morass. 

For their patience, doggedness and exceptional listening skills, I happily recommend Ron and staff to every unfortunate soul who faces the nightmare of mesothelioma.
— Sally Ryen