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Our Service

SHINGLER LAW has represented men and women with mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis for more than 20 years. It represents people from all over the United States, and has generated millions of dollars in compensation for its clients. 

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Life during mesothelioma is a long, tortuous slog toward an inevitable outcome. For my husband Doug and me, following and supporting the efforts of Ron Shingler and his staff created a sense of doing something positive.

A small firm, they offered us a kinder, gentler approach through an emotional and legal morass. For their patience, doggedness and exceptional listening skills, I happily recommend Ron and staff to every unfortunate soul who faces the nightmare of mesothelioma.
— S.R.
[Ron] had great compassion for my daughter and what she was going through, as well as us. He made it clear that he was going to put 100 percent of his effort into helping us during our struggle and would do his best not to burden our daughter.

Ron proved to be extremely passionate about his work and his desire to help people. When there was what seemed to us like a road block, Ron would work harder, persevere, and figure out a way around it.
— A.G. & D.G.


Our Commitment

SHINGLER LAW cares deeply about the people it represents, and it is well aware of the fear and uncertainty associated with the diagnosis of a lung disease. This practice is devoted exclusively to representing people with an asbestos-related disease.